Jozef Abrman – Slovakia

Alberto Aviles – Mexico

Emile Barrouk – Israel

Dr. Paul Carlin – Prison Ministry

Michael Chavez – Mexico

Christian Law Association

Jody Colson – Chuuk

Gasim Domkog – Sudan

John Downs – Prison Ministry

Edgar Feghaly – Middle East/Africa

Guanue Gbendah – Liberia

Betty Gillies – Panama

Lohen Gonzalez – Chile

Ronoldo Gutlay – Thailand

Robert Hawke – Mexico

Duane Hearron – Russia

Philip Hunt – Zambia, Africa

Kids Hope USA

Liberty Institute – USA Religious Liberties

Rick Martin – Philippines

Kristine McLaughlin – Ivory Coast

Lonnie Miller – Mission of Hope

Mission of Hope USA

Roy Philip – India

Philip Pope – Thailand

Roloff Ministries

Shenandoah Boys Ranch

Shenandoah Haven for Girls

John Shrader – Zambia, Africa

Tim Stephens – Cambodia Ministry

Peter Survocek – Slovakia

Tommy Tillman – Thailand

Daniel Tut – Romania

Richard Weaver – Scotland

John Yaws – Prison Ministry

Greenwood Village Baptist Church also supports ministries that wish to remain anonymous. Please join us in praying for them as well.

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